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what is vertical roller Mill excessive heat?


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General milling machine will meet this kind of problem in the process of operation, but many problems are easy to solve, some small questions customers can be solved, but also sometimes the customer can not solve, need to consult the manufacturer can solve many problems, including here, we Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd. will be free for the new and old customers to solve the problems encountered, the problem here for the vertical roller mill work such as fever serious to talk about solutions.
The vertical roller mill application chamber temperature is too high, how to do? The grinding chamber temperature is increased, because the vertical roller mill after using for a long time, the sealing condition of equipment will continue to decline, resulting in leakage of lubricating oil, not only make the bearing temperature increases the flexibility of the operation decreased, but also the pollution material, so Shanghai machine over raising the company recommends that users need to take the necessary measures to prevent the pulverizer chamber temperature. Specific measures are as follows:
vertical roller mill Attention should be paid to each lubricating point grinding machine working state, such as bearings, roller and so on, the timing quantitative gas to lubrication equipment components, ensure good working environment, increase the flexibility of the operation of the components, reducing the friction between the contact surface and prolong the service life of the
vertical roller mill
equipment, so as to avoid the high temperature of grinding chamber the problem. According to the working condition of ventilation, can adjust the grinding chamber, which is open to the external air flow ventilation pipe, and the grinding chamber convection occurs, the grinding temperature gradually reduced, to avoid the high temperature of the grinding chamber device.
This is for the vertical roller milling machine high temperature solution specifically, there are a lot of mill equipment knowledge and problem, if there is the intention of customers, we can always consult the official website online customer service online consultation or call consulting, regardless of whether you are in my company to purchase the equipment, as long as you there is a problem, we will solve the problem for you.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)