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What is the use of Installing the Briquetting Machine


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Briquetting machine is having various advantages which are really benefiting the industries which are indulge in manufacturing and production process.So also to manufacture the Briquette raw materials are used so that wastage can get dispose of so easily.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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Their are series of advantages which are available through the use ofBriquetting Machinet is the only renewable energy available for disposing the wastage and does not harm the environment by any means.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)


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husk briquette / bio coal / green coal / white coal

Replace COAL & WOOD / Used in Boiler or Heater / Save 40% Cost
We Manufacture and Supply BIOCOAL .
BIOCOAL is used in Boilers, Furnance, Roasters, Hot Air Generator, Water or Oil Heaters.

Bio-Coal is renewable Coal which is made from natural pure rice husk so are also called Husk Briquettes. They form an environment friendly replacement for coal or wood.

Calorific Value= 3800-4000 kcal/kg
Moisture=Approx 6-8%
Impurity=Almost Nil

BioCoal Dia= 90mm
BioCoal Length= 100mm-200mm

Chemical Details VM% 60.30, FC% 20.00, Ash% 19.70
Ultimate Analysis C%36.10, H%4.80, N%0.29, S%<0.02, O%35.90, Cl%0.16

Benefits of BioCoal.
Non-Polluting and Much Cleaner than Coal.
Low Moisture Content (6%) compared to 10-15% in Coal. and 30% in wood.
Guaranteed Purity (99.9% Pure) compared to 2-5% impurity in Coal depending on source.
40% saving in fuel cost. (40% for compared to coal, 60% compared with furnace oil)

- Bio-coal briquettes are cheaper than coal. - Bio-coal contains no sulfur. - Bio-coal has a higher practical thermal value and much lower ash content compared to coal. - There is no fly ash when burning bio-coal. - Bio-coal has consistent quality, higher burning efficiency, and is the ideal size for complete combustion. - Combustion from bio-coal is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in steam requirements is faster due to the higher quantity of volatile matter in bio-coal. - Bio-coal is easy to store and hygienic to handle.

Other Notes
1. Presence of high moisture and impurity is big negative for any fuel, since the consumer first pays for moisture and then energy is wasted for removing moisture.
Net available energy decreases by approx 22-25% for 12% extra moisture.
2. The burning of Bio-Coal is visibly much cleaner than coal. The flue gas from the chimney is visibly clear.
3. BioCoal consumers can plan and apply for Carbon Credits under the CDM mechanism. (though it is a lengthy process), but once done the benefits will accrue every year.
4. BioCoal saves a lot of money and lets us help the environment in our small way.
5. Also check the attached images for actual use in various applications.

We can supply the product in bulk upto 100 Tons/Day if required.

Biocoal is being used in
Tea Processing
Paper and Pulp Factory,
Ply Wood Factory
Ghee & vanaspati
Soap Factory
Brick Klins
Rubber Industry
Silk Industry
Dying Factories

Please view the attached images for more details.

Also visit our website to know more about all our products.
BioCoal - Shree Guru Agrotech

4500/Ton ex factory Deoghar Jharkhand.

Please call to know your destinations freight.

Rajeev Mundra
Shree Guru Agrotech

Shree Guru Agrotech Pvt Ltd
B. Deoghar. Jharkhand, 814112

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)