Water Soluble Bio available NPK for Organic farming


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Bioavailable NPK Natural Fertilizer (Suitable for all types of Organic Crops)
First time in India
Bio NPK (19:19:19) Water Soluble
Bio NPK (13:0045) Water Soluble
Bio NPK (17:44:00) Water Soluble
Foliar Spray
Fertigation in Drip Systems
Basal Application
Combination with FYM
Zero Loss (100% Plant uptake: No leaching Loss + No Volatilisation Loss)
NPK availability: More than Chemical (Hence High Yield like Chemical Fertilizers)
Eco-Friendly: No change in pH or salinity + Soil property not disturbed + Beneficial Microbes not Disturbed
International Certification: Control Union (Europe)
Compliance with NPOP Standards
Registration No: CU 828422
Price: MRP Rupees 95 Per Kg (Offer on Bulk Sales) Also contact for Trade Enquiries
For sample or purchase: Contact 08547642395
email: ajas.career@gmail.com
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