Wanted Goat Farming Finance Partner

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I want set up goat farming project .I am looking for funds, finance partner, joint venture.
LOCATION. Tal- Madha. Dist-Solapur. Maharashtra.
Land, water, fodder and labor every thing is available in this location. First I want start with 100 to 500 goats. Make a chain of goat supply every months or every week. I have every thing for start farm. Only Looking for funds or finance partner.. This project is very profitable as business every situation is in favor for goat farming, vermin compost is extra income of this project it's a bonus. Demand of live stock increasing every year. If you like to join with me for this fruit full business. Call or mail me. My language is Marathi/Hindi. More about for this business on our meeting. Thanks with regards
Dr.Vinod Chavan
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