Opportunity Wanted Farmers all over India and outside India to do Buy Back Farming of new varieties of Green and White Bird Eye Chilli



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Wanted farmers all over India and outside India to do Buy Back Farming of new variety of White Bird Eye Chilli and Green Bird Eye (See the attached photos and document with details) Minimum area: 1 Acre and no maximum limit.
The new varieties of White and Green BEC are longer in size than the traditional varieties of Green and White BEC (not exactly white - ivory color) and profusely flowers and bear fruits from 3rd month after planting (planting saplings of 30-45 days age) and harvesting can be done every 15 days and throughout the year as it bears flower and fruit profusely. The plant can give high yield up to 2 years and can continue yield if maintained properly. But in commercial scale scale cultivation, it is replanted after 2 years. It can be cultivated along with many other crops as companion crop and in coconut farms, mango farms etc. We offer Buy Back Agreement at standard price with option for higher price to farmers if the market price each 15 days is higher than the standard price, and also freedom to farmers to sell directly to buyers if they can get higher price than we offer at the time of harvest (Please see the document attached)
Please contact us through Private Conversation for further details.


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