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Cultivation of Sarpangandha (Rauvolfina serpentina)

Introduction : Introduction Rauwolfia serpentina Benth (Apocynaceae) is one of the most important native medicinal plants of India. The root of this plant have been used in the treatment of hypertension or as a sedative and tranquillizing agent. Its indiscrimate uprooting from wild source , have put ban to the export of this drug by government of India.
This plant is cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, and Java.

Serpentina Plant : Serpentina Plant Rauwolfia serpentina is an evergreen, perennial, glabrous and erect under shrub of height upto 60 cm. Its roots are tuberous with pale brown cork. The Leaves of the plant are in whorls of three, lanceolate or obovate, bright green in color. Flowers are in irregular corymbose infloresecence with white or pink color. Fruits are Drupe, single or didymous, shining black when fully riped.

Climate: It grows well where the rainfall is 2500 mm or more. The areas having more equable climatic variations seem to be more suited than the areas having higher climatic variations.

Soil: It prefers soil with plenty of humus and rich in nitrogenous and organic matter with good drainage. Alkaline soils are not suitable for commercial cultivation.

Propagation: Can be propagated both through seeds and vegetatively, but propagation by seed is preferred.

Nutrients: Generally organic cultivation is practiced. Initially before sowing 10–15 tonnes of farm yard manures/ha are used.

Spacing: 45 × 30 cm.

Plant Protection:

Serious and major infestation of any insect of diseases have not been reported.

Maturity Period:

Two Years. At this time the subaerial parts dry and main root reach a depth of 0.9 meters.

Average Yield:

1500 to 2700 kg dried roots/acer and per year 20-60 kg seed.

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