Wanted Want to purchase the best quality vermicompost

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We are producers of vermicompost & yard manure please inform me the location whereu need & how much quantity required?

Prem Kumar


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Hello All,

We are manufacturer of best Quality vermicompost enriched with Neem ( will not all insects to attack). We manufacture 600 Tones per year.

We are based out in Dharwad. Pl let us know if you are looking for vermicompost of best Quality.

You can also reach us on .. 8050003298


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Ashu we are based in Chandigarh kindly send your number on 9896300987 I will talk to you regarding World Superior Quality Vermicompost from Shahabad.


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We are manufacturing 100% organic neem mixed vermicompost.
Systematically and scientifically process of making vermicompost lead us to make it a quality and time wise best.
Kindly contact on 8875608675 this no to get information in detail.



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Dear Sir,
We are flexible enough to offer the finest & the best in class of cow dung, we are a leading supplier in this domain. As we ramain much concern about the safety of the product. We store the entire lot in our capacious warehousing unit under secured environment & expert's supervision. Customers are free to place small as well as bulk order, timely deliveries are the same of our topmost priority.
Please give us a chance to supply a best quality cow dung & cow dung cakes.

Thanks & Regards,

M/s Goga Ji Powers.
Owner - Anurag Verma
Mob. 09997799961


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Dear sir,

Greetings from Mridamithra.

We are young group of professionals, involved in agricultural products by help of organisations like ICFA & card.

We have started manufacturing vermicompost by cow & buffalo dung, for that we have taken red worm's (earth worm's).we are selling worm's also.

So, for that we have request you to please give us a opportunity to provide the same.


Vipin Kumar