Vibhi Poultry Farm - shutdown poultry farm turns into profitable business

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Siblings turn a shutdown poultry farm into profitable business

Vibhi Poultry Farm is layer poultry farm owned and managed by three siblings Mr.Girish Jadhav, Ms. Geetanjali Jadhav and Mrs. Sonali Bhandare. They were keen to be part of the livestock business hence on receiving the opportunity of procuring a poultry farm they took it up immediately. It was a learning journey for three of them that they sail through it with dedication and consistent learning which they say would continue forever. The farm is located at Soygoan (Devi), Jalna district, Maharashtra. Three of them talk about different aspects of a commercial layer poultry farm. Excerpts:
Mr Girish Jadhav, Geetanjali Jadhav, Mrs SonaliBhandare 1.jpg
We bought the poultry farm in 2012 in an auction. It was closed for many years therefore we had to re-do the entire infrastructure. We invested Rs. 8 crore to make the farm as good as new. It is a semi-automatic farm spread in 10 acres. We did all the work by ourselves through research and detailed study. It was a crucial decision as we got knack of the business!

In our area we have many broiler poultry farms whereas there is only handful of layer poultry farms hence we opted for later because market demand of egg is consistent and never fades off. The farm has the capacity to manage 72 thousand poultry birds. Selling price per egg varies between Rs. 4-5. It is too less an amount therefore we knew if the farm has to be profitable then we have to increase our turnover. Considering it we developed the infrastructure accordingly irrespective of high capital investment!

Poultry birds are changed every year to maintain high productivity. Chicks are sourced from established hatcheries at Pune. We stringently follow the vaccination schedule and hygiene conditions to keep the mortality almost negligible.

Poultry feed given to entire brood is maintained strictly vegetarian so there is no problem of smell in the entire farm. It also safeguards the birds from all sorts of infection and diseases. In addition the egg size and quality is very good. Feed is produced in-house in the feed mill. In our surrounding area maize is widely grown therefore it is the key ingredient in our poultry feed. We prepare three different formulations that are given in accordance to the age of the chicks. Approximately we need one ton feed for 10 thousand birds every day. 100-115 gram is the everyday feed of one bird. We give feed two times in one day.
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Eggs are collected manually twice a day. Above 60 thousand is everyday egg production. The total stock is sold by evening either in retail or wholesale. In retail we sell from the farm outlet whereas for wholesale we have tie-up with traders and wholesale vendors.

The matured birds after one year are sold the chicken traders at Rs. 85-90 per bird. It weighs mostly 1600-1700 gram. These are sold directly to the five star hotels as it has premium taste than the broiler birds. We have tie-up with these traders who come in routine and take away the birds.

The poultry dung is always sold in summers. It is sold at Rs. 2500-3000 per ton. We have two storied cages and dung is dropped straight in the bottom. It is nutrient rich manure for horticulture farms hence the demand is good.

Challenges faced in our business are excessive heat and water scarcity. To cope with excessive heat we are planning for solar based system on the roof top. And we have rainwater harvesting ponds to fulfill the water requirement throughout the year. Further we have nipple based drinking system in all the cages that prevents water shortage and contamination. Water comes drop by drop from the nipple system therefore it is convenient for the chick to drink water as it needs.

In future we want increase the bird capacity to expand the business. Poultry business surely demands lot of time and attention but it is worth for prospective future.

(As told to Shweta Dhanuka)

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Vibhi Poultry Farm
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