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vertical roller mill into the new era milling


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with the development of industrial milling industry, industrial milling production line a large area in China, international advanced equipment and milling technology quickly into our country, through years of experience in research and development and technology upgrading, and launch a series of advanced mill, used in industrial milling and Desulphurization of fly ash processing and concrete mixing plants, and other major projects.
vertical roller mill blade, blade with high wear-resistant alloy materials, long service life, replacement of simply replacing the blade portion, increase material utilization. Traditional grinding machines for flat blade, on material accumulation after scooping up a level, Central grinding roll and ring wear, surface elevation of blade material can be oriented to make grinding roll and ring upper, middle and lower parts are grinding to make it uniform wear, but also increases the effective work area, thus increasing the yield.
Traditional mill inlet volute observed within the departments inside the door facing outward bulge and inlet volute surfaces is not on a plane, so it is easy to produce Eddy current effect, increase energy consumption. MTW series vertical roller grinding plate surface and within the inlet volute surfaces on the same surface, so that you can effectively avoid the Eddy current effect, in short, vertical roller mill meets and exceeds the performance of similar products abroad, is the vertical structure covers an area of small, strong sets, and host transmission sealed gear box, transmission. Important components are manufactured using high quality steel mill, so machine durable and reliable. Mill electrical system uses a centralized control, selecting advanced, high degree of automation, vibrating feeder small volume, light weight, easy to adjust and save electricity, reasonable prices, and to promote the use of it.
a new kind of home-made large mills in the successful development, has obtained the national patent. This continental trapezoidal mill machine according to tens of thousands of bit mill machine user of using and recommends, in original Super pressure mill machine of based Shang for more items innovation and obtained success of, the models used has cone gear overall drive, and internal dilute oil lubrication system, and ARC duct, latest of more items patent technology, traditional mill machine shovel knife blade wear more fast, shovel knife for overall shovel knife, edged Department wear Hou, needs overall replaced shovel knife, waste material, increased downtime replaced time.
the type of milling machine for our preferred, finely made, performance, advanced, affordable, large industrial milling and mill process equipment is the ideal alternative for replacing legacy equipment, her reduced investment in equipment, infrastructure investment and has a huge advantage in terms of power consumption, I believe she can in our flour milling industry to play a greater role in the development of. With the deepening of China's environmental protection work, milling plant consolidation and upgrades and updates faster and contribute to the development of flour milling industry as a whole.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)