Various Agritechnology available for industry/entrepreneur through Tech Transfer



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We are technology commercialization arm of CSIR (Council of scientific industrial research),India and other public funded labs.(CSIR-Tech Private Limited) Its objective is to commercialize technologies from publicly-funded R&D institutions across India.

Various manufacturing technologies in the field of agriculture are available for industry/entrepreneur/individual through technology transfer process.

Samll Tractor
Pneumatic Precision Planter
Inter-row rotary cultivator for wide row crops
Irrigation Scheduler – Programming System
Side shift rotavator for orchard
Light Weight power tiller
Tissue culture technology for bananna,bamboo,vanilla etc
Agro Processing Machinery,sorting,dal mills
Biofertilizers/bio pesticides
Counsutancy services

Let us know if if you have any other specific requirement.You may also browse our Know-How Data Base at CSIR-Tech Private Limited for a much broader range of know-how/Intellectual Property available via us. If you are interested in getting more details regarding any specific technology

Manoj Bhangare (Technology Transfer)