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Manufacturer and exporter of agro and food processing machinery. Located at Rajkot, Gujarat

Kamlesh Chauhan

Unisoft Pheripherials was set up in 2006 at Rajkot. It manufactures and exports agro machinery and food processing machinery. Mr Kamlesh Chauhan, CEO along with Mr. Rasik Chauhan and Mr. Naresh Chauhan had established the company.

Products :
Company deals in Agro & Food Processing Machinery, Mechanical Power Transmission Products, Agricultural Diesel engines & Diesel Generators. Mr Kamlesh Chauhan says, “our machinery helps the farmers to overcome two big issues in agriculture namely labour and time consumed in manual agriculture process. Customers are looking for a solution for cleaning, grading and de-stoning instead of doing manually, here our machinery saves their time and energy.”

Exports contribute 85% in the total annual revenue while rest 15% is from sales in Indian market. Thailand, Nigeria and Kenya are the main areas of operation whereas around 2% of total exports are added by US and UK orders.

Consistent change in technology development is biggest production challenge at Unisoft Peripherals. Mr. K. Chauhan adds, “ we want to come up with some new technological machinery but as we do not have any guidance and assistance on R &D it becomes constraint for us. However, inspite of all problems we are working on new technology that will help farmers for e-operations.”

In marketing, it is difficult to reach every Indian state and requirements of customers differ widely from one another. In International market, competition from China is fierce.

They sell their products at 50% less than Indian price. Earlier Chinese products were considered poor in quality but now they have become competitive even in quality and continue to offer less price.

Fluctuation in foreign exchange is the major challenge in Exports. Mr. K. Chauhan highlights, “dollar exchange rate fluctuates too much that we sometimes do not receive the complete payment. For instance, when we book the order, the exchange rate would be Rs.54.50 due to fluctuation in the exchange rate we may receive only Rs.54 as the payment. The small difference of 0.50 becomes enormous for us.”

Made In Rajkot
Mr. K. Chauhan wanted to do something for his home town hence promotes all his products under the banner “Made in Rajkot”.

He explains, “We have some quality products from Rajkot which are quite acceptable in countries like Germany, USA and Australia so wanted to create an unique home town`s brand image.”.

He further adds, “moreover, it is true that on an International platform, India will be more visible, but we consciously kept ‘Made in Rajkot’ because India is country of many states now.

In oversees market, they have started differentiating our country with states based on their business experience in past. Rajkot is in first stage, we are receiving a very good response from the buyers, as we provide the same quality and service what we commit.”

Mr Kamlesh Chauhan did his graduation in management in 1998 from Rajkot

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Contact Details –
Mr.Kamlesh Chauhan, CEO, Unisoft Pheripherials
3, Shreyas Anand Complex, 1st floor, Ashram Road, Nr. Kuvadava Road,
Rajkot – 360 003 (Gujarat) India Mobile: +91 999 888 9171 Email: unisoftp@gmail.com / info@unisoftpheripherials.com Website: www.unisoftrajkot.com