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Traditional Homemade Chocolates - Sales & Distibutorship


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We are traditional Homemade Chocolate Makers. We make chocolates from scratch.

We don't wish to project ourselves as a developed company and that we provide all types of chocolates. We are a start up company run by set of professional from different industries.

We have 4 types of chocolates

1. Fresh Milk Chocolate - Sweeter and melts in mouth
2. Fresh Dark Chocolate - Bitter and bit harder
3. Fresh Plain Chocolate - Standard taste
4. Fresh White Chocolate - Standard taste

1. Plain
2. Nuts (Only Roasted Badam is added . We don't add Cashew as it doesn't give crunchy bites)
3. Jam (Chocolates center filled with Jam)
4. Tutti Frutti (Best goes with White Chocolate)

We execute orders only after confirmation and so you can be assured of its freshness.

One Piece of 10 gms (appx) Rs. 12 (For Samples including postage). As every single chocolate unit in this business involves a cost, we could not offer free samples.
Min samples: 21 pieces

*Our Homemade Chocolates are a bit higher on price as we do the entire process by hand and by traditional method from scratch.

*Profile Image is the actual photo of Plain Chocolate
Support a Growing Traditional Home Business!!!
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)