Total Sugar Plant Solutions - From concept to commissioning



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1.Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Sugar Plants, Power Plants, Distillery, Etc., deals with the following
• Introduction and the general trend in the industry.
• Capability of the management to execute the project.
• Details of the cane potential in the command area.
• Concept of the project and technology proposed.
• Discussing with Your Executives to decide the macro level Plant configuration and Technical specification.
• Detailed Technical specification of the Plant & Machineries.
• Preparing the Plant Block Layout.
• Details of the material balance in the Plant especially with respect to
a. Fuel.
b. Steam.
c. Power.
d. Water etc.
Flow chart of the various processes during season & off-season operations.
Project cost estimate considering the trend in the industry and the budgetary offers received
Preparing the project schedule.
Water management
Manpower Assessment and Training
Financial Analysis.
Consultant Profile.
2. Site Selection:

Selection of site for setting up the Sugar & Power Plants taking into consideration of various aspects like: -
• Area required for the proposed and future expansion.
• Condition of Soils.
• Strata, Vasthu Sasthra, Climatic Conditions.
• Wind Directions, Proximity to Cane fields.
• Approach roads, rails, power, water, telecommunication facilities & Electricity Board Substation.
3. Feasibility study for cane availability deals with the following.
• Introduction
• Project Site Location
• Site Development
• Agriculture
• Sugarcane
• Area of Operation
• Present area under Sugar cane
• Varieties
• Productivity
• Irrigation
• Canal
• IP Sets
• Soils
• Climatic Factors
• Solar Energy & Sugar Cane Productivity
• Energy Crop
• Geographical Location & Productivity of Sugar Cane
• Temperatures
• Wind Velocity
• Pan Evaporation
• Sunshine
• Rainfall – Totals & Distribution
• Relative Humidity
• Sugar Cane Development Programme
• Main objectives
• Plant Protection Measures
• Cost Reduction
• Conclusions
4. Engineering Services
• Discussion with client and their Engineers about selection of technology for the Sugar and Co-generation Plant.
• Preparation of factory layout.
• Preparation of process flow diagram.
• Preparation of Steam Balance.
• Preparation of Power Balance.
• Preparation of details for TG set and Boilers.
• Preparation of Cold Water Cycle.
• Preparation of Condensate cycle.
• Preparation of Equipment specifications.
• Preparation of Equipment Layout.
• Discussion with client about the philosophy of equipment purchase.
• Preparation of Two part tender documents for floating enquiries for the supply of equipments. (Technical & Commercial)
• Evaluation of technical bid of the tenders received from suppliers and recommending.
• Preparation of specification for calling Erection & Commissioning Contractors and short listing of Erection Contractors.
• Co-ordination with civil architects / civil contractors.
• Assisting in obtaining clearance from various statutory authorities.
• Help the management in recruitment of staff & labour and train them for efficient operation of the plant.
5. Project Management
• Approval of drawings.
• Preparation of project Completion Schedule for supply, erection and commissioning.
• Periodical review of the progress of equipment supplies.
• Carrying out inspection of equipment at Supplier’s work.
• Co–ordination of the commissioning of the plant.
• Trouble shooting till performance guarantee.
• Assisting the management for providing the technical support to achieve the guaranteed performance.
• Approved Energy Auditors (Approved by TNEB) for Industrial & Commercial establishments.
• Feasibility study for revamping & re-commissioning of sick sugar plant.
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