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The use of quarry crusher adjusting discharge measures


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quarry crusher for crushing and screening equipment of crushing equipment, high crushing ratio, good performance, high efficiency. However we know? The discharge port or quarry crusher said row ore mouth can be adjusted, we can adjust itself according to the needs of customers. So, how should we regulate the cracking of the discharge?
With the crusher toothed plate continue to wear, row ore mouth greatens gradually, product constantly thicker, in order to obtain qualified product size, the need to periodically adjust row ore mouth size. Row ore mouth adjustment methods are mainly the following two:
1, group of gaskets are placed between and thrust plate and frame supporting seat behind the rear wall, the pad number or changing its thickness, quarry crusher machine can achieve the purpose of regulating the port of discharge. This method has the advantages of compact structure, reliable regulation, large, quarry crusher use the regulation method.
2, Regulation two wedge placed between the thrust plate and the back seat frame, suitable for small crusher adopts.
SBM engineers to remind you, in the use of equipment, be sure to see the instructions, and seriously in accordance with the instructions of the rules to operate, can be in the use of equipment and maintenance easily, make the crusher serve us better.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)