Before going to start Stevia cultivation please match the following-
The following Agro- Climate is required for Stevia cultivation:

Climate required for Stevia cultivation :
Altitude range : 0 - 1000 m above sea level.
Mean annual rainfall : 300- 3000 mm
Rainfall regime : summer, winter, bimodial: uniform
Dry season duration : 0 - 8 months
Mean annual temperature : 10 - 27 0C
Mean maximum temperature of hottest month : 22 - 48 0C
Mean maximum temperature of coldest month : -2 - 19 0C
Soil and Physiography :

Soil texture : light, medium, heavy
Soil drainage : Free, heavy water logged condition can’t tolerate.
Soil reaction : acidic, neutral, range pH 6 -7.2
Special soil tolerances : saline soil can’t tolerate Stevia.
Soil types : alluvial soils, gravely soils, red soils, sandy loam soils.

In sandy loam or sandy soil is best for Stevia cultivation. Because stevia can not tolerate water lodging condition.

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stevia cultivation consultancy

Stevia is an incredibly sweet herb, obtained by a natural selective breeding process of the

sweetest Stevia parent plants. The sweetener stevioside, extracted from the plants, is 300

times sweeter than sugar. The fresh leaves have a nice liquorice taste. What makes the

Stevia plant so special is that it can be used to replace sugar (sucrose). Many different uses

of Stevia are already well-known: as table sugar, in soft drinks, pastry, pickles, tobacco

products, candy, jam, yogurt, chewing gum, sorbets...

The dried leaves of Stevia are about 40 times sweeter than sugar. The documented

properties of Stevia are antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-
viral, anti-yeast, cardio tonic, diuretic, hypoglycemic and hence a boon to diabetic people,

hypotensive, tonic, and vasodilator. Indeed, the leaves contain diterpene glucosides with a

sweet taste but which are not metabolized and contain no calories. The biggest part of the

sweet glucosides consists of the stevioside molecule.

The stevia crop is propagated by the seedlings. We can provide you the stevia seedling

(plants) .You will require the 30,000 seedlings per acre. We provide the complete

consultancy from cultivation technology, planting material supply, nutrient management

(manure ), water management( drip irrigation instalation),and the most important one the

Buy back. We provide buyback before starting the cultivation to our growers so that they

can be ensure at the marketing side.