Technical Guidance on Cultivation of Crops


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cultivation guidance
Please contact the undersigned for technical guidance .
Farming Practices for :
1. Cereals - paddy, maize, millets like bajra, foxtail millet, kinoa etc
2. Pulses like Black gram, green gram, cow pea, etc
3. Oil seeds like groundnut, sunflower, mustard , safflower,
4. Vegetables
5. Green house cultivation
6. Shadenet cultivation
7. Commercial crops like cotton, chillies, sugarcane etc
8. Mushroom cultivation
9. Orchard crops like Mango, guava, Banana, Papaya, Ber, Karonda , Black Plum, Custard Apple, Pineapple etc
10.Medicinal Plants
11.Aromatic Plants
13.Poultry, Chicken
18.Bee Keeping
19.Lac Cultivation
20.Farm foresty - Teak, Bamboo, Subabul,Malabar neem, Casurina, Poplar etc
21.Fodder cultivation
24.Prawn Culture -Tiger, Vannamei
24.Farm Machinery
25.Farm Ponds
26.Minor Irrigation, Drip systmes, Sprinkler Irrigation
27.Post Harvest Technology
28.Silage Making
29.Diary Processing, Milk Products
30.Organic Farming/Natural Farming

G.Aananda Rao B.Sc (Ag),
Vijaya Agro & SME consultants


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I am from pellakur mandal nellore dist i want to know about Malbar neeam, papaya,guar gum,etc..... can u send brief details about those


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Dear sri Sagar Reddy garu , I worked as field officer in syndicatebank, Nayudupeta 1980-84, I am happy to meet you. I give project report for Malabar neem, papaya, guargum etc. If guar seed is procured by companies you can cultivate the same.

Please contact me : G.Ananda rao, 9703128495


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Vijaya Agro & SME Consultant.
Attn : Mr. G.Aananda Roa,

I am interested to start Sheep/Goat farming in Moinabad, Hyderabad, Telangana State.

I have 5 Acres of land.

Please send complete project report. On this mail address :

Best wishes.

Meraj Ahmed.

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