Land Required Tea Estate 550 Acres at Vandiperiyar for Sale



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The location is situated near to Thekkady Just 15 Kms away.
To get the exemption from the tax the said property is registered with 33 members.

Hence the rate quoted is less than the Govt rate. But the property in the front side along the side of the PWD roads costs as per the Govt rate. The labours are mostly Tamilians & the wages for them is Rs 180/day. The workers are also provided with PF & ESI as per the labour law.

80% of the land are small hills in malayalam Mottakunnu. Around 30% of the land are disturbed with unwanted bushes in between the cultivation which will cleaned by the workers if given advance & before the final settlement.

If it is cleaned, then the harvesting of the crop can be done in 40 days. The tea factory presently it is functioning only in the evening for name sake. But if a small amount is invested for the development of the tea factory it can be used for a large scale production. ( Once it was a very popular production unit.)

The total amount for the said property is Rs 85 Cr. ( Negotiable)
In case if the property is to be purchased then a minimum of 10% of the total value to be given as advance. Rest of all the documentation & the final settlements will have to be cleared with in 3 months from the date of advance given.

Interested persons can thread for more details.
Thank you