Tamarind processing & Amla shredding unit


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Hello Friends,

I am Mohan from tamilnadu and am looking to set up a Tamarind seed moving and packing unit. It seems to be little labor intensive and was wondering if we have some devices that can reduce the number of man-hours needed for cleaning and packing.

If possible, would you please tell me all available devices for Tamarind Processing Unit. Actually, we have planted around 800 tamarind plants and now they are 5 years old and expecting to get yield from this year onwards. We are planning to start a small processing unit. Looking forward to hear from you.

We have Amla tress also. We have around 100 trees. The yield is started. Kinda per tree, there are around 1000 amla fruits. Not sure, how to sell. Any help is much appreciated.


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Dharma technologies have developed a machine for de seeding and compressing tamarind. Please go through their website.


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