Study of food and agribusiness markets in India


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Dear Group Members,

I am currently associated as a long term consultant with the Rural Insurance Services Programme (RISP) of GIZ India. One of the core components of RISP will co-operate with NABARD and support the development of a synergistic network of agribusiness enterprises which manage risks in agricultural value chains using Integrated Risk Management (IRM) approach.

The core objective of IRM is to augment and stabilize the incomes of small and marginal farmers. Towards this end, IRM focusses on institutional and market development of smallholders who in turn are supported by farmer-centric social enterprises acting on the front-end for facilitating transactions with the market. The growing concerns about food security and safety coupled with the thrust on sustainable agriculture have opened new vistas of opportunity in the agribusiness and food sector. Farmer-centric social enterprises are well-positioned to tap these opportunities provided they align themselves with the requirements of end consumers and last-mile market entities.

A systematic investigation of relevant developments and issues in food and agribusiness sector is germane to efforts for integrating farmer-oriented social enterprises to markets. Such an investigation would not only provide vital insights about demand side in food and agribusiness sectors but would also enable informed understanding for formulating go-to-market strategies for IRM implementation partners. The following exercises have been undertaken as part of this medium term exercise to have an up-to-date picture of food and agribusiness markets in India.

a) Mapping, profiling and assessment of notable sustainable agriculture interventions
b) Mapping, profiling and assessment of food processing centers/hubs/food parks etc. located near the notable sustainable agriculture intervention areas
c) Mapping, profiling and assessment of innovative, high-profile and catchy concepts in retail and food service (built around the themes of organic/healthy/sustainability/social concern)
d) Mapping, profiling and assessment of food products falling under the following criteria:
i. High turnover / simpler processing
ii. High innovativeness / simpler processing requirements
iii. High innovativeness / complex processing requirements
e) Mapping, profiling and assessment of high potential, innovative start-up / early stage enterprises in food and agribusiness sector

I would request the groups members for their help in identifying such interventions/ intiatives. Please mail me the details at if you know/ have details of such enterprises.

Thanks in advance.

Jaspal Shakya

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