structure principle of ultra micro vertical roller mill


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The impact of vertical roller mill is a kind of milling machine, mainly used for super fine powder production, generally can reach nanometer level, but the industry the need for amount of nano powder is relatively small, so the market is very limited
Vertical Roller Mill, the working principle of Nano Red chickens mill is what kind of?
The working principle of the vertical roller of the superfine grinding:
Through a multidimensional swinging motion of the fast, have a great impact of the irregular grinding medium in the tank movement; extend the trajectory, the grinding media can improve impact, reducing the impact of blind spots, the work efficiency is dozens of times of the traditional process. The tank can significantly improve the grinding medium impact energy and number of movements, make the material particles are crushed to reach nanometer level; at the same time, greatly improving the uniformity of crushed particles.
In the industrial application of ultrafine grinding of the impact is not common, vertical roller mill is more widely used, the vertical roller mill for grinding processing of various minerals, such as calcite powder should be used for processing, processing of talcum powder, dolomite powder processing, processing of calcium carbonate powder and so on, it is widely used. Some other metals in other industries also use vertical roller mill, such as carbon black processing, cracking rubber processing, vertical roller mill can process all kinds of ore, non-metallic mineral powder fineness is 300-3000 mesh, large output, high efficiency, low energy consumption is a unique advantage of the mill, so in the industry the use of a large amount of.
vertical roller mill and vertical roller wear compared to what are the advantages and disadvantages:
1 the machine can process the vertical roller mill grinding fineness of 300-3000 mesh, the impact may reach tens of thousands of eyes, but the yield is very low.
2 vertical roller mill in the processing of ore powder with high yield, high efficiency, wide application. While the impact of grinding is commonly used in more advanced applications.
3 impact grinding power is relatively large, often waste more energy, and vertical roller mill is better in general.
4 vertical roller mill on the market exist a long time, is more efficient, stable performance.

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