Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming


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Every body must know the practical problems faced while taking up farming practices
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Farmers here and there are training ZBNF/organic farmingTutuapp 9Apps Showbox . Please inform gift pastime in your farm, as to whether or not you are taking up seasonal vegetation or horticultural plants or animal husbandry activities and many others.
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Hey, Everyone As you say that you and Your Family are new in Farming & you need guidance, So we provide you the best Guidance of Organic Farming that how you can grow your carrier in organic farming. at this time many people stop applying chemical products into farming and they start applying organic products. because organic products have better results as compared to chemical products. you can visit our site if you need any products for farming. For guidance you can inbox me.


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Farmers here and there are practicing ZBNF/organic farming . Please inform present activity on your farm, as to whether you are taking up seasonal crops or horticultural crops or animal husbandry activities etc.
There is no ZBNF possible in this world was a false thing..its proponent Subash Palekar had already changed to what he calls now as SPNF - Subash Palekar Natural is nothing but traditional farming with > 10000 years of history, with some modern understanding based on modern science such as about microbes etc.

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