Starch World Mideast,(Starch Derivatives, Sweeteners & Polyols) 04-05 Nov, 2014 - Ist


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Starch World Mideast,(Starch Derivatives, Sweeteners & Polyols) 04-05 Nov, 2014 - Istanbul

Themed:"Untapped & Emerging Opportunities for Starch Food & Industrial Markets in the Middle East Region"

Key Highlights:

•Global overview at the sugar economy , trade and how this impacts the markets for starch-based sweeteners in the Mideast region
Will the end of the EU sugar regime in 2017,mean more new expansion opportunities for the European starch-based sweetener industry – and how will this impact the Mideast region ?
•Regional Starch & Sweetener Markets outlook – Cargill’s perspective
•Turkish Sweetners Market And Turkish Sugar And Corn Syrups
•Turkey growing textiles industry and applications of starch comparing potato , corn and tapioca
•Tapioca starch production and applications especially for paper and corrugated board
•India is one of the leading suppliers of corn starch to the Mideast region. What is the market situation in India and how will it impact supplies to the Mideast
•What are the legislation which prevents penetration of modified starches in the food industry ? What possible opportunities exist for starch and food ingredients suppliers to use plant-based starches and proteins to replace non-halal ingredients such as gelatin
•Clean Label for starch manufacturing including new trends and academic research on starch manufacturing
•Analysing Starch from all Plant-based Ingredients & their utilization as texturizing systems in food applications

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