spirulina free training


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spirulina traning class

am sujoo.n place ; coimbatore tamil nadu
spirulina training
Kindly send your contact details , i am interst now


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Please send me the details:
1. Location
2.Time Span
3. Cost of mother culture

Send me a mail
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Dear Sir,
I am interest to know about spirulina cultivation process & to start the business.Can you please give information regarding 10 kg/day production of spirulina how much land required & cost.If any training means also let me know.Appreciate your reply in advance.

Best Regards,
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Hello sir,
I am interested in free training of spirulina. Please send the details and place to learn
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Respected sir
I am having agriculture land of 3 acre land with ample supply of water from huge well.
I am interested in studying about the project request to send me more details.

Tulsidas Varma
Nagpur .
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training of spirulina

Please give me details to my email id.Thanks a lot.

Dr. Philip Benis
Good Shepherd Farm
62, Villianur Road,
Ph: 0413 2290142, M: 9443438532.
Web site: goodshepherdfarm.in
Email: philipbenis@gmail.com,


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Spirulina training

Hi, i am pleased to hear that you are providing training for growing spirulina. I would like to know where would this happen and for how long would the training be. Please advice so that i can be a part of the training and also i can book for the mother spirulina immediately. Please send me a personal mail mr you can email me
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please give me full details of cultivation of spirulina training

We are providing spirulina cultivation training.For more details pls contact
please give me details about the spirulina cultivation training I am also interested to
join the course.


ramu babu


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Hi frens any body need spirulina training or mother culture.. Please visit NALAYAN RESEARCH CENTRE KANCHIPURAM .. They are giving training n mother culture.. The HINDU newspaper gives article about NALAYAN reasearch centre .. Iam also going get training in 2014 January 23 to 25th.. Frens sure u can get a good training.. It's a good centre


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Helo rambabu u can get spirulina training in nallayan reasearch centre.. Feel free to contact my mail id saransri00@ gmail.com.. Iam going to get training there cuming 2014 January 23,24,25,.

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