Specific analysis of the five operation points of raymond mill


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1 stability of material bed
To maintain the stability of material bed, which is the foundation of roller type abrasive grinding, the key to the normal operation of the. Material layer thickness can be adjusted by the dam ring height adjustment to the appropriate thickness, and the corresponding relationship between them and the mill output, should first find out during the commissioning phase. The material layer is too thick grinding efficiency is reduced, material layer is too thin will cause vibration. If the roll is increased, the fine powder is produced, the material layer will be thinner; rolling reduction, disc material thicker, corresponding return of the materials, the material layer thickness. Inside the
raymond mill manufacture wind speed increase, increase internal circulation, material layer thickening, reduce wind speed, reduce the internal circulation, material layer thinning. In the normal operation of roller mill the material bed thickness is no grinding roller compaction after less than 40 ~ 50ram.
2 The control grinding pressure
The grinding pressure are the main factors that influence the output of raymond mill, grinding efficiency and grinding power. raymond mill is by high-pressure of material bed and crushing material, pressure increase production increased, but reached a certain critical value and then don't change, the increasing of pressure followed by the increase in power, lead to an increase in unit energy consumption, so it is suitable for roll to yield and energy consumption of two consideration. This value depends on the material properties, particle size and the volume of feed. In the trial production to find suitable grinding pressure and pressure of the rational wind speed can form a good internal circulation, make the material layer of the disc properly, stable, high grinding efficiency. In the production process, when the wind ring area is certain, the wind speed by the decision of the wind. The corresponding relationship between the production technology and capacity, to ensure the grinding effect.
3 ensure that a certain grinding temperature
raymond mill is drying and grinding system, the grinding temperature is the comprehensive index to measure whether the normal drying operation. In order to ensure a good raw material drying, grinding material water content less than 0.5%, the general control of mill outlet temperature of around 90~C. If the temperature is too low then the finished water, the grinding efficiency and the powder selecting efficiency is reduced, may cause the dust collecting system condensation; if too high, said flue gas cooling and humidification is not enough, also will affect the dust collection effect.
4 The wind speed reasonable control
raymond mill mainly depends on the airflow with animal material circulation. The rational wind speed can form a good internal circulation, make the material layer on the disc properly, stable, high grinding efficiency. But air is decided by wind speed, and air and feeding amount of contact, such as feeding amount is large, air volume should be large; and vice versa. The influence of the air flow of the fan by the resistance of the system, can be adjusted by adjusting the fan valve. Mill, grinding pressure drop into a negative pressure can reflect the size of the air pressure, grinding. High pressure drop, high negative pressure of said wind speed, large air quantity; otherwise, the corresponding wind volume small. These parameters are stable said air stable, so as to ensure the stability of material bed.
5 control of raw meal fineness
Raw meal fineness by separator speed, system air volume, grinding effect of internal load. In the air flow and load under the condition of invariable, can manually change the speed to adjust the fineness, when adjusting the maximum increase or decrease in 2R / min, lead to a vibration mill increase even trip.

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