Special research report on China grain market through Bharatbook



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This report provides various types of businesses, trade agencies, investment institutions and individuals that hope of successful investments in the grain industry with references for effective decision-making; this report also can provide references for grain and agriculture-related policy decisions of government, research institutions , international organizations and international institutions to study China’s grain and the World grain.


Under the loose monetary policy of the central bank since 2009, in early 2010 the money supply of China exceeded 60 trillion, more than the U.S. money supply of 55 trillion. China became the world's largest country in money supply. As of October 2010, the total money supply in China exceeded 80 trillion. Excess money supply leads to price volatility of some in-shortage farm products and grain market is also affected.

The "Proposal on Making the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the National Economy and Social Development" was adopted on the fifth plenary meeting of the 17th CPC Central committee on October 18, 2010. The proposal proposed: stick to the path of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, take “to ensure national food security” as a primary goal, accelerate the changes in agricultural development methods, improve comprehensive agricultural productive capacity, risk resisting capacity and market competitiveness. To implement the productive capacity planning of tens of thousand mt newly added grains nationwide, to intensify investments in major grain producing areas and benefit compensation for peasants. The 2010 Central Economic Work Conference pointed out: to promote the development of modern agriculture and ensure the effective supply of agricultural products. To do everything possible to ensure the supply safety of major agricultural products, to stabilize grain planting area, to increase subsidies for agricultural production, to steadily raise the minimum grain purchasing price, to intensify the efforts on investment in major grain producing areas and benefit compensation and to implement the "rice bag" responsibility system of provincial governors.

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