Wanted Special Offer - Kodaikanal Farm Land Fruit Plantation With Revenue


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Kodaikanal - 10000 Sqft Farm Land Plantation - Yearly Revenue - Special Offer

Special Offer I: Rs. 2 Lakh Returnable by 3rd Yr 1lkh & 4th Yr 1Lkh.
Special Offer II : Rs. 1 Lakh Discount On Immediate Registration 3.6 Lakhs.

WhatsApp For Details Project Available 88255 36469

10000 Sqft 23 Cents Farm Land At Rs 4.6 Lakhs
Registered in Investors Name At KodaiKanal .
20 Kms From KodaiKanal Lake On Way to Gundupatti.
Patta Land With Good Water Facility & Road Access.

25 Acres - Farm Land With Avocado Plantation.
Plantation Maintained By Green Organic Community.
Regular Revenue Shard From Avocado Fruits - 5Th Year Onwards.
Revenue Rs.2 To 3 Lakhs From Yield.

Club India Resorts and New Resorts are Coming Up Near Farm Land.
100 Units 25 Acre Green Organic Community At Kodaikanal.
A Source of Secured Income For Your Family For Next 50 Years.
Interested - For Details Call 88255 36469


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