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Special fertilizer for CHILLIE Crops


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Dear Farmers,

100% Organic Fertilizer "WIN-EA-CROP" increases the yields of CHILLIE Crop by 100%.

Simple foliar spray of WIN-EA-CROP, improves Soil fertility and Chillie Crop productivity, resulting in 100% higher yields, fetching highest income to the Farmers.

WIN-EA-CROP is a low priced Organic fertilizer. WIN-EA-CROP protects crops from diseases and minor pests also.

WIN-EA-CROP supplements 2 way nutrition to the beneficial soil microorganism and crops. Increases soil fertility and Chillie crop yields.

WIN-EA-CROP is having many national and international credentials like Certifications from Agriculture Universities, Government Research Stations, Organic Certification from UK and official nomination for WORLD FOOD PRIZE (USA), for its performance on Agriculture Crops productivity.

To buy WIN-EA-CROP or for dealership details, please send your inquiries by email:

DK Prabhaakar, CEO.,
Advaanced Biotech Research Projects.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)