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Solution and Quotation of Crushing 200 Tons Limestone Per Hour


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Limestone limestone as mineral raw materials trade names, are very widespread in our country, abundant, is an important road construction materials, but also fired lime, calcium carbide, an important raw material of cement, metallurgical industry is an integral part of the solvent limestone, quality after ultrafine grinding through limestone, is widely used in manufacturing paper, rubber, paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, sealing, bonding, and polishing the product. Limestone is generally about 150 MPa compressive strength, are soft rock, limestone production process and therefore the choice of production lines, using a jaw crusher and impact crusher.
200 t / h limestone crushing solutions, limestone fed first by jaw crusher feeder evenly preliminary crushing limestone by the finished product after crushing through belt conveyor transported to the crusher for further crushing, secondary crushing after stone transported by belt conveyor to the vibrating sieve stones of different specifications to meet customer requirements size stones transported by belt conveyor to the finished product stockpile, the failure of stones by belt conveyor to return to the crusher again broken several times to form a closed loop is completed.
The limestone crushing production line high degree of automation, high efficiency, low operating cost, high-yield, finished stones uniform size, grain shape is good, in line with the national high-speed material requirements. The limestone crushing production line equipment configuration mainly with the use of stone, according to customer specifications for stone production and customer requirements to be. Based on customer production site conditions, to provide customers with comprehensive planning process and technical support, also according to the customer's actual installation conditions supporting the design of non-standard components.
Each manufacturer uses different limestone crushing production line configuration process, resulting in the latter part of the settlement of investment costs, maintenance costs, there are many differences in the quality of products is gravel. Choose low investment cost, high-quality products sell best gravel investment program for small and medium sized stones factory, quarry, it is absolutely necessary. Specializes in the manufacture of Vico Heavy stone, with the international advanced level, can be used as the preferred configuration limestone production line manufacturers.
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Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)