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Solar Water Pumping Solution, Solar Power Lighting Solution & Solar Fencing Solution


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Dear Forum Members,

Its with great pleasure that I introduce our company & our products to this wonderful forum.

We, Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems based out of Coimbatore are one of the leading providers of end to end solar solutions which includes:

- Solar Water Pumping Solution
- Solar Power Solution
- Solar Fencing Solution

Solar Water Pumping Solution:

We offer solar AC water pumping system compromising Solar Pump Controller, Solar Panels, Solar Mounting Structure and solar DC cables + with/without pump for 3 Phase AC Submersible or Monobloc or Openwell requirements.

Our Solar pump controller comes with in built VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive), MPPT Control Logic & Inbuilt Solar Energy Meter. Apart from this the controller also comes with lighting protection, reverse polarity protection, pump dry run protection, undervoltage and overvoltage protection and shortcircuit protection.

The system functions with solar+grid sharing mode or only solar or only grid mode.

When solar is powerful the pump runs directly through solar power and if weak the deficit is shared from mains. On pure solar mode the pump starts running as early as 6Am and runs uptill 6Pm on solar mode

Solar Power Solution:

We offer solar power solution via 3 options:

a)Solution with priority Solar - Mains - Battery

b)Solution with priority Solar - Battery - Mains

c)Solution for existing UPS and Battery setup

Our offering includes solar power plant for rooftops, solar street lights, solar garden lights etc. Our solutions are available with either polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels, Solar inverter or Solar power conditioning Unit, PWM or MPPT, MOSFET or IGBT, C10 Solar Batteries etc.

Solar Fencing Solution:

We offer comprehensive solar fencing solution which includes

- Fencing for Intruder Protecion
- Fencing against Live stock intrusion
- Fencing against wild Animals

Available ranges are:

- Normal Power
- Medium Power
- High Power

Our Fencing solution comes with alarm circuit,energizer,battery,solar panels, and all fencing hardwares.

Please visit to know more about us and also to get a glimpse of the projects we have undertaken.

Hope to interact with forum members and address your requirements as best as our abilities allow.

Thank you all,

Saravana Kumar B
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems
+91 9566600477

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)