shade loving medicinal plants


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Dear Friend,
I want to introduce medicinal plants as intercrop inside the mature rubber plantation to generate extra income by the rubber growers of NorthEast India. Will u please help me giving list of plants and their medicinal importance and also the procedure of selling it?
i would appreciate an early reply.
thanking you
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Shade loving medicinal plants.

Following plants can be grown under shade
1. Andrographis paniculata - Kalmegh
2. Centella asiatica - brahmi
3. Rauvolfia serpentina, sarpagandhi
4. Plumbago zeylanica - Chitrak mool
5. Alpinia galanga - kolanjan
6. Hedichium spicatum - Kapur kachri

Yield will not be up to the expected level.


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Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia serpentine)

Dear Sir,
As per my knowledge Kalmegh is also not faring well under the shade, pericularly in NE belt as the area is heavy rainfall. It can come up in partially shaded i.e minimum 20 to 40% density of forest, with dry deciduous type open canopy. In A.P, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam &Khammam districts.
Sarpagandha is one of the best crop as Dabur is requesting for large scale requirement.

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