Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • Hello,
    Im looking for coleus forskholii live plant.

    pls contact me
    I am intrested in buying salacia and red sanders plants . Kindly Advice
    We do have Sarpagandha Seeds available with us and we will supply you same at Rs.3000 per kg F.O.R. Neemuch & 4% tax(i.e. 2% C.S.T. + 2% Mandi tax) Packing Charges Rs.35 per bag extra. Kindly place an order as per your requirement.
    I appreciate your patience in lending a helping hand for both buyer and sellers of these many products. Amla, black turmeric, honey, colueus cultivation, aswagandha, musli.... the list just doesn't seem to end. I am neither a seller nor a buyer of agricultural products by profession. Yet I landed up here in this forum in search of some aloe vera plants. I live in Hyderabad, can you please give me some phone numbers or addresses where I can get 2-3 year old aloe vera (barbadensis) plants. I just need 10 plants so that I can use them to treat myself. Some one told me that taking fresh aloevera gel would make wonders to ones health. Are there any plantations around Hyderabad in 50 kms range? Please help....
    please send me the images of black turmeric and also tested report from a lab the chemical contents and properties of your black email address is i am much interested in your product. reply me as soon as possible with rates details.
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