Sell jatropha curcas seed

SVM EXPORTS grow and supply premium quality jatropha seeds for agricultural use. we also supply treated jatropha seeds and saplings. our seeds can withstand any soil and climatic conditions as they are gathered from the foothills and forests of western ghats. jatropha plant needs very less maintenance. we offer jatropha seeds that are derived from jatropha curcus, an oil yielding plant. a native plant of south america, jatropha is a crucial bio diesel feedstock. its leaves and seeds are extensively used in numerous medical preparations, since ages. the oil is extracted by crushing the seeds. being unfit for human consumption, since ancient times its oil is used in oil lamp. lately constant efforts and research are conducted to utilize jatropha as a workable source of vegetable oil to generate fuel. germination: 80% oil content: 32-35% moisture content: 7-8%