Aloe is grown in warm tropical areas and cannot survive freezing temperatures.

Aloe Vera can be cultivated on any soil for ‘dry land management’, sandy loamy soil is the best suited for it.


Aloe Vera is generally propagated by root suckers by carefully digging out without damaging the parent plant and planting it in the main field. It can also be propagated through rhizome cuttings by digging out the rhizomes after the harvest of the crop and making them into 5-6 cm length cuttings with a minimum of 2-3 nodes on them. Then they are rooted in specially prepared sand beds or containers.

Good quality planting material of the Aloevera is available with us. The aloevera baby plants specifications are as follows
• Variety Aloevera barbendasis
• 6- 9 inch in size
• Green in colour
• Good medicinal values
• Material is in ready stock
• More than 1000000 Plants available
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