Question Sandalwood farm land

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Hi, I am new in this forum.
I am planning to start sandalwood nursery cultivation but didn't have much information. can you please tell me what are the basic things required for this?
waiting for your reply...

Arjoo Pandey
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Dear Sri Arjoo Pandey, before starting the sandal wood nursery :
1.Collect seeds from forest source or from sandal wood farmers
2.Procure soil (red) Farm yard manure/vermi compost and coco peat
3.Sandal wood is parasitic plant which depends up on 100 other plants in wild conditions for drawing nutrition from other plants by attaching roots for some time their growth.
4.First you have to plant Red gram seed in the polythene bag , after growing the redgram seedling then plant each seed of sandal wood in the same polythene bag for supporting growth.
5.Transport the sandal wood sapling along with red gram plant for planting in the main field,

Please contact for further details.

G.Anandarao B.Sc (Ag)
Ex Agricultural Officer & Agri-Finance Specialist
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