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Sand making machine routine maintenance knowledge


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Sand making machine in daily use can not ignore its maintenance, now to briefly explain the Sand making machine maintenance.
A transmission belt tensioning triangle size should be adjusted appropriately to ensure uniform force triangle belt, dual-motor drive, the sides of the triangle should be grouped tape matching, each group has its length as consistent as possible.
2, periodically stopping to observe the door open observation impact Sand internal wear and the wear after wear and tear should be replaced or repaired at the same time replace wearable pieces should be replaced to ensure the same weight wearable pieces. Crusher observe the work process open the door to observe the inner workings of prohibited, to avoid danger. The timely replacement of worn impeller body found find manufacturers repair.
3, Sand making machine Mobil super car grease or 3 # Lithium Grease, every 400 hours of adding the right amount of grease, working 2000 hours open spindle bearing assemblies for cleaning, general work 7200 hours, replaced with new bearings.
The upper end of the spindle bearing assemblies for swimming end, the bottom bearing fixed end, after pulling the pulley assembly by hand should be flexible rotation. sand making machine in operation, because of the equipment belongs to the high-speed equipment, special attention should be safe production.
new Sand making machine Keeping up with the pace of the future development of the Internet
Accession to the WTO ten years, it can be said that the rapid development of China's machinery industry golden decade of Chinese mechanical crusher market is gratifying. This decade, China's machinery industry overall strength has increased substantially, into the ranks of the world's manufacturing power equipment, and the world economy dependent phase.
With the continuous development of the Internet era, network marketing has become nowadays the most hot sand making industry, then one of the new generation of network marketing as a marketing leader, is to create a new era of marketing, sand making machine industry also followed the Internet the pace of progress towards the future.
New Sand making machine manufacturing is a highly efficient, energy-saving equipment, is widely used in high-speed (high-grade) highway, high-speed passenger rail lines, and hydroelectric power plants. Leading position in the industry, is currently the world's advanced level of high performance sand making machine equipment. The machine designed for highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide quality sand aggregate, artificial sand making and stone shaping the field device of choice. The new sand making machine is an internationally advanced level of low energy equipment, 50% energy saving than traditional sand making machine, its performance plays an irreplaceable role in a variety of ores thin broken equipment, is the most effective, practical and reliable gravel machine. In the national market achieved excellent market share, product performance even better.
Sand making machine has a simple structure, low cost and; energy efficient, high crushing efficiency, crushing, coarse grinding function; through non-broken material ability, little affected by the material moisture, the moisture content of up to 8%; can be broken in the hard, especially hard materials (such as corundum, sintered bauxite, etc.); the product was a cube, a small iron pollution; significantly reduce impeller and whirl crushing cavity lining material from the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload; operation and maintenance, easy to install; working noise between less than 75 decibels (dB level); light weight, installation and diverse, mobile installation and so on.
Whether or ore crusher sand making equipment, Henan Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of production, for the majority of gravel needs to provide different mechanisms of sand and artificial sand equipment, in our own development but also led the development of a range of industries, the new factory in Henan sand Heavy sand production equipment is currently the only one able to meet a variety of different mechanisms of sand and artificial sand crusher ore material manufacturers.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)