Wanted Safed Musli, Sarpagandha, Stevia..........Farming & Marketing

We are buying - Dry Safed Musli, Dry Sarpagandha Roots, Dry Stevia Leaves. Farmers/Growers who are into the farming of Medicinal crops are welcome to sell us their material. We have regular requirements of some herbs. --------------- -------Farmers contact us directly.---------------------- -------------Traders please excuse us completely. Do not bother------------- We are purchasing following materials - We buy - Stevia dry leaves, Sarpgandha dry roots, Dry Safed Musli. If you are planning to start farming any of the above crops,contact us to know about the market & rates of the planting materials. --------Stevia seeds are available for sale, --------Stevia plants of very fine quality having dense roots are available, --------Sarpgandha plants of genuine Rauwolfia Serpentina variety are available
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