Running Tomato Farming, Wellmaintain & Welldevelope Farm 4 Sale in Shivpuri


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Running Tomato & Chilli Cultivation

A very gud & develope PLANTATION-FARM 4 SALE at near SHIVPURI
Best Land 4 POMOGRANATE, Certify Y Famous Corporation Of India

GUD-SOIL, Fertile Agriculture LAnd
14 BOREWELL's with 3''Inche's water.
1 BIG POND (2 beegha)
gud water level area,
no need to anything,
Drip irrigation at overall,
with line's or D.P.'s,
25-25fts roads in farm,
with Covered BOUNDARY with FANCING
with a V.I.P. REST HOUSE
no problem of labour,

AREA-261 beegha (130 acre)
at very gud price, of RS Demand-- 4 lacs/beegha (8 lacs/acre)

10 kms from NH-25, AT very-gud approach road
25 kms from Shivpuri city,
at very-gud loation,- AT P.M. road (Dumber)

10 kms from NH-25, (KOTA KANPUR HIGHWAY)
25 kms from Shivpuri city,
at very-gud loation,
220 Kms from KOTA (Rajasthan) Duration 3 hour's
125 kms from GWALIOR
contact-- 9685926999

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