Question Reg new transformer for agricultural land


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Hi I have 3 acres of land in TN tirupur, I have applied for free electricity line for agriculture land before 15 years. Now recently they called me and said. It has been allocated need to pay the price soon. They said they'll come and see. After that they'll let us know. they saw the land and other posts around the agri land, After that they said, you need a new transformer. The supply wont be enough. They said in this week we will call and let you know the estimation and everything..

So whats my doubt is, if i need a new transformer what will be cost for it. How much should I spend on this complete process. This is a 25000 scheme. I asked some others no one knows about this.. some say high price on it.. so can anyone give me any exact details or where can i get the details.
Thanks in regards.

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