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Raymond Milling machine to promote wider application prospect of shale


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Shale Raymond mill equipment Shanghai Machine Co, Ltd is specializing in shale material properties, processing for shale, the strong pertinence, and can be processed and strong, and in addition to the processing of shale, also can process many other materials, including calcite, limestone, mica stone, phosphate rock, kaolin and so on,
Shale, shale is a sedimentary rock, complex composition, but having a thin sheet or foil laminated joints,
Raymond Mill, is mainly formed by clay deposited by the pressure and temperature of the rock, but mixed with detrital quartz, feldspar and other chemicals, Shale can be divided into many kinds, calcareous shale, shale, iron siliceous shale, carbonaceous shale, oil shale and black shale, the shale may be iron ore, oil shale can be refined oil, black shale oil can be used as the indicator of strata,
With the construction of our country high-rise, multi-functional development, application of a new type of lightweight building materials be imperative,raymond mill
, With light weight and high strength, sound absorption and insulation of lightweight aggregate; haydite shale, has been at home and abroad, the construction industry has been applied, the haydite shale, reduce building weight 30%, with better economic and social benefits,
In addition to the effect of haydite shale in building materials significantly, filter material can also be used as a water filter, oil filter and oil refinery tank ideal, shale ceramsite filter material in shale clay as binder, after finishing, it has enough mechanical strength, To avoid the erosion process, and broken due to friction,With sufficient chemical stability, do not dissolve in the alkaline, neutral, acidic water or oil, Application prospect is very broad visible shale,
At present shale pulverizer mainly choose high-pressure Raymond mill, Raymond mill products in the market at present the most widely used, the best equipment, shale and the hardness on the Mohs hardness about 1,5, grinding up high yield, is now processing shale grinding affirmation, To enhance the ability of Shanghai Machine Co, Ltd YGM series high-pressure Raymond mill has grinding material, grinding grain more fine, fine processing ability of the material, in terms of risk control, cost control, environmental protection and has achieved great success, Welcome new and old customers to the company to buy,

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)