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quarry crusher hydraulic cylinder work can not drive the load


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Mainly for the piston rod stops rotation, reasoning problem, speed down, unstable work etc. the reason is:
(1) quarry crusher hydraulic circuit leakage. Including leakage of valve and the hydraulic pipeline. Repair method is through the manipulation of the reversing valve check and eliminate the leakage pressure connecting pipe.
(2) the quarry crusher internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder. The internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder comprises a hydraulic cylinder seal, piston rod and seal cover seal and piston seal are excessive leakage caused by the abrasion. The piston rod and the sealing cover seal leakage reason is, seals, pressure, extrusion, crease tear wear, aging, deterioration, you should replace the new seal. The main reason for the excessive wear of piston seal is the speed control valve regulating improper, cause the high back pressure and seal installation is improper or hydraulic oil pollution, the second is the assembly with the entry of foreign matter and seal material quality is not good. The consequences are slow, weak, quarry crusher can also cause serious damage to the piston and the cylinder, the emergence of the "cylinder" phenomenon. Processing method is to adjust the speed control valve, control the installation instructions shall make the necessary operation and improvement, cleaning or change filter, hydraulic oil filter.
(3) quarry crusher hydraulic oil through the relief valve bypass to the mailbox, if overflow valve into the dirt stuck valve, the overflow valve is normally open, hydraulic oil will be through the relief valve bypass DC back to the fuel tank, causing no oil into the hydraulic cylinder. If the load is too large, adjust the pressure relief valve has reached the maximum ratings, but the hydraulic cylinder is still not continuous action required thrust action. If the control pressure is low, because of insufficient pressure is not up to the required load performance for thrust, thrust is not enough. You should check and adjust the relief valve.
quarry crusher hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy of the executive element. The fault can be basically summed up as the hydraulic cylinder operation error, unable to push the piston load and slip slip. The cone crusher hydraulic cylinder malfunction caused It is often seen. equipment shutdown phenomenon, therefore, should pay attention to the fault diagnosis of the hydraulic cylinder and the use of maintenance work. The common problems of machine hydraulic cylinder above is the cone crusher.

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)