Project Reports for availing Term Loans from banks


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All types of project Report will be prepard for availing Term Loans from Banks -like Dairy (new & expansion of units), Poultry (Layers & Broilers),Sheep, Goats, Ducks, Emu, Quails, Buffaloe calves, Male buffaloe calves, Land development, Minor Irrigation, Vermi-compost, Rural Godwns, Horticulture, (NHB), Organic farming , Floriculture, Medicinal plants, fisheres, Farm forestry ,Solar Power, Cutom Hiring centres, Agriculturral Machinery, Aromatic Plants ,Industries - Smalll & Medium Enter Prises etc with experience bankers.

G.Aanada Rao (garao56) , Vijaya Agro Consultants , 9703128495

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