Poultry Deboning Machine Available

Poultry Deboning Machine Introduction
Poultry deboning machine is ideal equipment used for deboning the poultry, rabbit carcass or small animal skeleton, and produce meat paste in order to further process them into meat products efficiently. Our poultry deboner machine adopts with imported high quality motor, and can grind the meat to make it easy for other food processing, such as sausage, meatball and dumpling,etc. The ground meat can maintain its original various nutrients and good freshness. It is used in meat processing factory, frozen food processing factory, hotel, restaurant and so on.

Application of Poultry Deboning Machine
This deboning machine is widely used in making sausage, meat ball, spice and condiment making area, food ingredients, bone soup, bone glue, bone meal, and other industries to debone the chicken bones, cow bones, fish bones, sheep bones, pig bones, horse bones, and various other animal or poultry bones.
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Capacity:160-260 kg/h
Weight:400 kg

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