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Pondicherry: 3 day residential on farm training in goat farming:16-11-12 to 18-11-12


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3 day residential on farm training in goat farming
from Friday 16-11-12 to Sunday 18-11-12 near Pondicherry

Good Shepherd Farm (formerly Best Foundation) , Pondicherry, organizes 3 day training in Goat Farming in Good Shepherd Farm, near Pondicherry
Certificate will be issued. One can avail Bank loan with this certificate.

Dates and days----------------: Friday 16-11-12 to Sunday 18-11-12
Place--------------------------- : Good Shepherd Farm 23 kms from Pondicherry
Course starting time--- -----: 09.00 am on Friday 16-11-12
Course ending time--- -----: 04.30 pm on Sunday 18-11-12
Food and accommodation-: Food and accommodation will be given in the Farm. Food and accommodation is included in the training fees
Medium of instruction -----: Tamil
Course content ---------------:
I. Economical aspects
Success goat farming
Budget preparation
On Bank loans
On subsidies
II. Veterinary aspects
A. Theoretical Knowledge:
1. Brief introduction about goat rearing/production systems in the India/world.
2. Types/varieties of indigenous and exotic goat breeds available in our country (including improved varieties)
3. Site selection and shed/house construction for goats
4. Improved methods of feed and fodder production, presentation and management.
5. Reproductive physiology and management, Breeding/mating systems of goat.
6. Infectious and non-infectious diseases of goats.
7. Prevention and control of diseases by managerial practices, prophylactic immunization/vaccination, Ecto-endo parasitic control.
8. Nutritional requirement and feeding scheduled for goats. (for different physiological status)

B. Practical Knowledge:
1. Routine goat farm activities.
2. Handling of goats (for Treatment, Pregnancy diagnosis, Vaccination, Deworming, Hoof trimming, Castration, Dehorning, Weighing, etc.,)
3. Health sign identification in goats.
4. Identification of goats (by tagging, collar methods)
5. Age determination by dentition
6. First aid kit preparation
7. Ecto-endoparasitic control (by dipping and oral anthelmintics administration) and Foot bath
8. Machines and equipments involved in goat production
9. Demonstration of Fodder cultivation and Azola production
10. Concentrate/compound feed making

Course fee -------------------: Rs. 4000/-( Rs. Four thousand only).
It includes food, accommodation, training fees and training materials.
Mode of payment ----------:
You can transfer the amount to the following Bank with the details given below.
I . Transfer through SBI.

Bank details:
Account number…. ….……….: 10831197258
Name of the Bank………….…: State Bank of India,
Name of the account holder…..: Philip Benis
Branch Code………..……..….: 0900
MICR Code ………….….……: 605002002
IFSC Code ……………….…..: SBIN0000900
SWIFT Code………………….: SBININBB228
Address of the Bank ………….: 15,Rue Suffren ,
Pondicherry-605001, India.

II . Transfer through other Banks.

Bank details will be sent if any one wants to transfer money in any one of the following Banks.
1. Indian Bank
2. IOB
4. City Union Bank
Photos needed-----------------: 3 passport size photos.

Only limited seats are available.
Please send your training fees earlier and book your place in the training.

Dr. Philip Benis
Training Director
62, Villianur Road,
Ph: 0413 2290142, M: 9443438532.
Web site:
Goat Farming is a successful agricultural business

Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)