Advertising Papaya cultivation with Add-on farming


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We are into Agro Business for last 5 years. The expertise in this field by professionals backup have helped us complete some successful projects and render our services to many clients.
We are specialized in the following Products and service

  • Contract Farming - Papaya Cultivation
  • Papain Extract and Export
  • Papaya leaf powders and export
  • Vegetable Drying and packing
  • Fruits Drying and packing
  • Chekku Coconut oil and packing
  • Chekku Sesame Oil and packing
  • Chekku Groundnut oil and packing
  • Consultation
  • Turnkey project
We do Contract farming from 5 acres to 300 acres of land. We begin the process by Site inspection and testing the soil for its minerals content. Based on the reports we add minerals and salts to enrich the soil. We adopt a process where less of water content is used. The cultivation plan is derived from the nature of plantation.
Contact us for more details .
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I am planning 6 acres of pappaya cultivation. We follow only organic methods. Please share details.
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