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Organic Vegetables.

Today in news papers we can find news stating that vegetables are grown in polluted water. The water is contaminated and it will have heavy toxic, polluted and contaminated. People living in Metros and Cities are getting vegetables from the nearby areas and the news is that the vegetables may be grown in polluted water. Unknowing we are consuming this vegetables and in the due course there may be health issues for the persons who are consuming it.

How to have Organic Vegetables.

People living in Cities and Metros can grow vegetables in their garden, balcony and terrace. Thus the vegetables consumed by them can be assured that it is not grown on polluted water.

Advantages of Own Garden.

1. It is not grown in polluted water.
2. It is not grown by using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
3. We get satisfaction that we are consuming which we produced ourselves.
4. The happiness obtained by seeing the vegetables in the plants grown by us cannot be measured.
5. The monthly expenses of the family towards vegetables are reduced.
6. We physically do some work towards this and thus we do some exercise to our body.
7. The taste of the vegetable will be very nice.
8. The transport of the vegetable is not required thus we contribute a small portion to the environment by avoiding the transportation.
9. The vegetables are always fresh.

Our service in this.

We supply 22 varieties of desi seeds, five litres of fertilizers produced from desi cow’s byproducts’, one litre of pesticides produced from desi cow’s urine and other herbs and one kg of manure made from cow dung for mixing with the soil.

The cost of all the above including transportation and delivery to the house by courier will cost Rs.1000/- per kit.

We request you to kindly use this and grow vegetables organically.

For further details please contact:

V Sudhindranath
LTA Trading Private Limited
No. 51/7/1, Chitrakoot, Ratna Avenue,
Richmond Road, Bangalore 560 025.
Ph: 080 41138389 / Mob: +91 99450 66699.