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Am having a 2 acre land with limited water facility in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh; This land is not being used for farming since last seven years; Considering the interest in farming/agri based, need opinions on how best this piece of land can be put to use for farming/agri-based with some investment;

Opinions are invited;


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Since the land was not cultivated for 7 years, the soil preparation is must, so plough 2 to 3 times first, then sow multiple grains after 40-50 days just plough again to enrich the soil.

The best way of farming is multilayer model, mono crop gives only one time income in a year or maximum twice. Multi crop gives income all d year also pest management is easier.


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Dear sir, Please go for fruit crop like Taiwan Guava with ultra high density cultivation , you can get income from second year onwards

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Mr.Anand there is one clonal pink Variety in pondichery, which gives yield in 6 months. Google LNTC72 DR.SRILAKSHMI, she linvented this and got doctorate

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