NutraGreen 100% Bio Adjuvent Using Nanotechnology


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We’re a diversified Chilean – Singapore joint venture company involved in manufacturing and distribution of FMCG and eco-green products.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you our bio-plant adjuvant NUTRAGREEN.

NUTRAGREEN is a grown supplement that would make a commercial difference to growers and farmers compliment nutrient and soil management.

NUTRAGREEN can facilitate plants towards optimal growth with enhanced commercial yields.

NUTRAGREEN is designed both as a foliar spray and soil drench. With its blend of bio-based chemicals and organic compounds and unique physical characteristics, NUTRAGREEN has proven to deliver a range of benefits that would change the way plants grow and enhance commercial rewards.

NUTRAGREEN demonstrated following agriculture efficacies and benefits over numerous trails and tests and various government agencies and agriculture research institutes since 2006 :

· Enhance crop agriculture productivity, even at compromised soil condition

· Enhance crop’s marketable yields while reduce fertilizer and chemical usage

· Crop safety across all stages of growth and development

· Induce flowering and blooming

· Increase tolerance from climatic stresses

· Boost plant’s resistance to diseases

· Enhance efficiency in uptake and utilization of soil nutrients

· Reduce reliance to toxic chemical and synthetic fertilizers.

Attached is a brochure on NUTRAGREEN for your review.

Technical data and samples can be furnished on request.

NUTRAGREEN is being used in Mexico, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Morocco, Spain, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, etc

NUTRAGREEN has been used by major cut flower growers and vegetable farms in Kenya.

Trials will begin at Mount Meru Flowers in Tanzania in October 2010.

We are currently in discussion with Ethio Agri CEFT to conduct trials on flowers and tea.

We’re also conducting trials now on rice farms in Ghana (via the Soil Research Institute in Kumasi)

The results are expected in December 2010.

As NUTRAGREEN is a 100% bio adjuvant with no harmful chemicals, it’s an ideal product for agriculture and horticulture, especially for flowers, vegetables, fruits and rice as proven by its success in various countries.

Should you be interested to be a distributor for NUTRAGREEN, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


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Hi, can nutragreen be used as foliar fertilizer for rubber trees? Please contact me asap to give details about the product. Thank you.

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