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HI, I want to start consultancy services which will be better one , any suggessions, i am B Sc (Ag), PGDBA with 9 yrs experience in agri input biz

kirti s

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Dear Sir

There are several consultancy ideas such as green house, hi tech farming, landscaping, mushroom, organic farming, vermicompostiong, coco products which are now in great demand.


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As we learned these consultancy systems theoritically , learning practically so that I can give good service as a consultant, are there any good institutions to give efficient training


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Agri Consultant

Dear Mr Sreekanth
There are hundreds of areas which one can choose, specialize and practice. Kriti has suggested few. There are no dearth of area of specialization and demand. But one should have complete knowledge, practical experience and surely, fully aware of the out come of what u are going to suggest. You can become consultant overnight and can earn your bread and butter. There are unlimited number of consultants in agri.,hort. MAPs, hi tech nursery and so on. There are sufficient number of consultant available in each village and streets. If a graduate in History can become consultant and survive why not you?

But thinks that a consultant has great responsibility and answerable to society/ users of ideas/suggestions. Think, who practiced agri. in our society? And any wrong doing on the part of consultant will prove suicidal to him.

Frankly speaking you have learned only few alphabets of agri. You cant practice agri. because a B Sc (Agri.) has lesser knowledge than a farmer in a remote village.

If you really want to become consultant, fully involve your self in learning practical aspects. Believe in science, learn science, and practice it.
Be honest to your profession. Do not suggest any thing to others that you have not learned.
Hoping to see you a very bright Agri. consultant, in future.