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Neem pesticides play vital role in pest management and have been widely used in agriculture. Neem seed kernel extracts control many insect pests. These include stalk borers, beetle larvae, butterfly and moth caterpillars. Also, true bugs, plant and leaf-hoppers, adult beetles, mealy bugs, thrips, fruit flies, and scale insects etc.

Materials Required

To prepare 100 litres of 5% Neem seed extract solution

1) Neem seed kernels (well dried) - 5kg
2) Water - 100 lit
3) Detergent - 200g
4) Muslin cloth for filtering


About 50 grams of neem kernel is required for use in 1 liter of water. The neem kernel is pounded gently and it must be pounded in such a way that no oil comes out. The outer coat is removed before pounding this is used as manure and if pounded with seed coat 1 1/2 time (75 gr) seeds are required. The seeds that are used for the preparation of neem kernel extract must be at least 3 months old and should not be used after 8 to 10 months. Before 3 months or after 8 months, the azadirachtin quantity is quite low in the seed and it cannot efficiently be used for pest control. The pounded neem kernel powder is gathered in a muslin pouch and then this is soaked overnight in the water. The pouch is squeezed and the extract is filtered. To the filtrate, an emulsifier such as soap oil or soap cake powder is added. One ml of emulsifier is added to one liter of water and the emulsifier helps the extract to stick well to the leaf surface.


Neem seed kernel extracts have many uses the numerous uses and benefits associated with neem tree products which include its anti-fungal properties and pesticide properties, neem organic pesticide has the following advantages;

1) The seeds are available in most places in the tropics.

2) It is not difficult to prepare and less expensive.

3) It is environmentally friendly.

4) Less toxic to non-target (more environments friendly).

5) Handling and application do not require

Things to be taken care
1) First, collect the fruits during the bearing season and air-dry them under shade.

2) Do not use the seeds over 8 months of age. The seeds stored over and above this age lose their activity and hence not fit for neem seed kernel extract preparation.

3) Always use freshly prepared neem seed kernel extract or NSKE.

4) Spray the extract after 3.30 pm to get useful results.

Further details contact,
Mr . Sandeep Reddy kundara B. Sc., (Hons )Agriculture and Dr. B. Guna, Associate professor (Agrl.extension) , Nalanda college of Agriculture, M. R.palayam, Tiruchirapalli.
Email:baluguna8789@ gmail. com
Phone number:9944641459.

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