Need Raja Mirch / Naga Chilli seeds


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Hello all,
I am looking for Raja Mirch (also called as Naga chilli) seeds for my garden. If anyone has seeds or where it is available, please let me know.

Please email me to sivasp @

Thank you.

With regards


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hi.. We all know farming is becoming unattractive day by day due to our dependence on hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides.I sincerely request everyone over here to sharing indigenous/native/desi varieties of seeds of India. The sharing can be done by the use of courier across India. Lets form a group for this so that we are no longer dependent on the Multinationals for seeds and our other needs and become self reliant. I have created a page on facebook for this purpose ( I suggest anyone who is interested in this to join this community so that we can share seeds among yourself.


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I appreciate your initiate to help the country and farmers.

If you have some special or unique variety, I strongly suggest you to register that with India's seed bank. One of the place where you may get help is Agricultural university. They may provide help to protect the seed.

All the best.

with regards

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